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A new space to make room for you

by adminlas

A few years ago, we gave life to Las@Work, an editorial project created with the aim of telling you about all that has taken place in Las in the year that had just ended and anticipating the news of the following months.
A not-to-be-missed appointment that has bit by bit become something greater: not only the report on what had been done and what was planned, but also a container of ideas, experiences and inspirations from the Las world and the sector.

Today we are taking it a step further: the paper and ink magazine is dressed in bits and hypertext as it becomes digital. With this new abode we expand our gaze and space, telling new stories, gathering authoritative voices and sharing new perspectives.

Here, you will also find the articles published in the latest issue of the printed magazine. We decided to include them because the sixth edition was a particular one: released in the first weeks of 2021, it gathered together the voices of employees, collaborators and friends of LAS who spoke of the difficult months that characterized 2020. In those pages we talked about resilience and determination, courage and inventiveness, but above all, we spoke about people. And precisely Space to the people, in addition to being the title that we gave to the issue of the printed magazine and a video that we recently made, is the phrase chosen to accompany us in this new moment.

A group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible.

We are convinced of this, and recent history has proven us right.
Giving space to people, working side by side, sharing a common goal or dream: only in this way is it possible to deal with any type of undertaking, be it corporate or a community of people.

From the above metaphorical space to this virtual one is but a short step.
This magazine was created to show you our work and, at the same time, to tell new stories, to allow you see what is behind each one of our products, to inspire and inspire ourselves, to walk a part of our journey by your side.

Happy reading,

Marcello Pedicone, CEO Las.

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