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Training, strategic lever for company success

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Training, strategic lever for company success

Who does not train, is lost. (Italian: Chi non si forma, si ferma). This is the principle that inspires the training activities offered by Las to improve its collaborators’ knowledge, enabling them to pursue roles and functions, not only efficiently and effectively, but also with the required expertise. We dive into the topic with Franco Felicioni, Las managing director and coordinator of this initiative.

We often hear that training enhances the company competitiveness. How is Las positioning in regard to this aspect?
Las has always acknowledged the importance of providing training to its collaborators, both in technical and production areas and in office management areas.

Involving human resources in the company life has always been beneficial and it is for this reason that our company has been investing more and more time and attention in providing valuable training and information to its collaborators. Regardless of his/her role, every new entry needs to follow a specific training program, coordinated by the responsible of the respective department. At the end of the training, the responsible will then assess the reached level and work on what can still be improved.

In your opinion, what are the most important skills nowadays to be acquired in a company?

Nowadays, everyone in the company needs to know how to use the tools provided by modern technologies. I am talking about digitalization, a current and most recent phenomenon, which is overwhelmingly and straightforwardly entering company doors. Using precise, complete and well-timed data, is a critical and key success factor in an increasingly competitive market.

Who is the Las 2021 training program for and what does it entail?
Besides the training program which has now become implemented routine, there will be a tailored program in 2021 for our front office staff and another one for all offices, focused on the use of the Office 365 package, extremely useful for making quick simulations.
In addition to this, a quick training on most used social media and digital selling was organised, to support the ordinary sales process. Special attention will be dedicated to the Research & Development office whose employees will need training moments, to learn how to use the design configurator they recently got.

Why should companies invest time, resources and energies into training activities?

Human resources are the main asset of the company. Investing in training means capitalizing each and everyone’s professional competencies, nowadays essential to compete in international markets. Being able to count on a strong and close group of collaborators, which is well formed and ready to pursue different roles, means promoting the company organisation as a strategic and competitive factor.

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